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MHistory. From Antiquity to Today.

Tuition fee €300 per year

€300,00 fee applies for students residing outside Italy
+ Stamp duty € 16.00
+ Regional tax €160,00

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The course has advanced training objectives that allow graduates in Historical Studies both to access the admission tests necessary to start research experiences through doctorates and to acquire the ECTS required for teaching History in high schools; or to enter the world of work, for example in the sectors of communication of historical knowledge (periodical editorial staff, publishing, cultural cooperatives, multimedia content production companies).

Lesson start date: 25 september 2023

Programme structure

The curriculum includes all educational activities (classes, workshops, etc.) that must be taken to obtain a degree.


Career opportunities

Cultural communicator and conservative, researcher (historian) and teacher, and Editor

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment