Tuition fee €300 per year

€300,00 fee applies for students residing outside Italy
+ Stamp duty € 16.00
+ Regional tax €160,00

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The single-cycle degree course in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology (CTF) leads to a five-year master’s degree. The course aims, first of all, to provide the student with the scientific basis and theoretical-practical training necessary to address all the problems connected with the drug from its design to its industrial production and dispensing.

Lesson start date: 25 september 2023

Programme structure

The curriculum includes all educational activities (classes, workshops, etc.) that must be taken to obtain a degree.

Career opportunities

The employment opportunities are:
1) in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic or food industries
2) in scientific institutions (Universities, public or private research bodies), including research doctorates;
3) in public or private laboratories for the control and analysis of medicines, food supplements, health products or chemical products;
4) in the National Health System;
5) as freelancers as industrial consultants.
6) in local and hospital pharmacies.
7) Master’s graduates in possession of the requirements required by current legislation will be able to participate in competitions for access to the teaching profession in secondary schools.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment