Tuition fee €300 per year

€300,00 fee applies for students residing outside Italy
+ Stamp duty € 16.00
+ Regional tax €160,00

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The Inter-University Master’s Degree Course in Nursing and Midwifery Sciences (CdLMI-SIO) is an advanced methodological path which aims to develop a systemic and integrated approach to managerial, management, training, clinical and research problems, contextualised in the context professional and disciplinary of Nursing, Pediatric and Obstetric Sciences.

Lesson start date: 25 september 2023

Programme structure

The curriculum includes all educational activities (classes, workshops, etc.) that must be taken to obtain a degree.

Career opportunities

The CdLMI-SIO prepares Specialists in Nursing and Midwifery Sciences for: – expert or manager roles in managing citizens’ health needs and improving the quality of services; – roles as expert collaborator in research areas relating to nursing, pediatric nursing, obstetrics and multidisciplinary fields; – roles of expert in training with teaching, planning and management functions of professional training activities or permanent/continuous training services – professional leadership and consultancy roles, where innovation and redesign skills of clinical-care processes are required and estimates.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment