Initiatives for Schools

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The University of Trieste organizes orientation meetings, educational activities, workshops and other projects aimed at schools of all levels.

The measure aims to facilitate and encourage the transition from upper secondary school to university and to reduce the number of university dropouts, thus contributing to the increase in the number of graduates. The initiative involves the offering of courses for the benefit of all students starting from the third year of high school to support them in the choice of tertiary education, facilitating a better match between preparation and professional path and helping them to orient themselves in the school-university transition .

Orientation courses entitled “Oriented to change the world” will be provided which will allow students to acquire an overall vision of the threats of the future while stimulating reflection on the training and professional fields that could represent the area of interest in which to hypothesize to spend oneself to make one’s personal contribution to building an inclusive and sustainable future. The courses were designed in line with the objectives that the United Nations Organization, through its Agenda 2030, has indicated to the whole world for the achievement of quality living conditions and contexts for all. The courses will have a total duration of 15 hours (12 hours of in-person teaching and 3 hours of final evaluation/distance study) and will be available subject to the stipulation of a specific agreement between the University and the Institutes.

12 Sept 2023